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Hi – I’m Jo – thanks for visiting!

Exercise is so important for our mental and physical welbeing. To help people get started on their fitness journey, I have recorded 7 * 30 minute free pilates workouts for you which you can access below.

You don’t need to be a member or log in to view them. They are recorded in real time (not live streamed) and so available to you whenever / wherever.

The 7 classes cover fitness, stretch, strength, and relaxation.  All you need is a bit of space and a mat. 120,000+ people have watched them, in over 70 countries!

For more workouts, programmes, motivation and educational sessions, take a look at my Weekly Workout Club. We release a new workout twice each week and have 200+ videos to access any time.

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In the first of these free pilates workouts, Jo starts with a basic flow class.

She gets the whole of the body moving whilst getting you enthusiastic about exercising. It’s a beautiful flow class by the river, to reach all the muscles of the body.

Workout type: Full body flow workout

Suitable for: All abilities

Duration: 30’11”

If you enjoyed that, you’ll love this!

If you’re like most people, finding the time and motivation to exercise regularly is really hard!

Jo’s Online Workout Club is solving this problem every day for nearly 1,500 members.

Jo provides ongoing motivation, constantly varying workouts and regular programmes to follow.

She makes exercise enjoyable and will leave you with a smile on your face.

  • We release new 30 min workouts twice each week.
  • We have 250+ workout videos to enjoy.
  • We’ve 20+ categories to choose from – including stretch, right through to cardio.
  • We release monthly programmes and wellness packs to download.
  • Jo’s famous “Tone with Tuffrey” 30 day programme and “Menopause Metamorphosis” is also included for members.
  • Enjoy our 10 minute blast workouts
  • Jo also hosts regular Zoom clinics for members’ questions.

Currently paying £10 for a single Zoom workout?

Maybe give the club a try … It’s from £10.83 / month!

I cannot recommend Jo enough.

I have been on the search for the holy grail of exercise for so long, something that you really love and that really makes a difference to how you look and feel, I know I have finally found it.

I look better, leaner and more toned than I ever have, despite endless gyms, yoga, barre, HIIT and A LOT of other things.

She is inspirational, without being intimidating and I laugh a lot and I look forward to every single class.

Don’t hesitate if you are thinking of joining. You won’t regret it for a second.

– Harriet

Want to peek inside?
Here’s an example monthly programme …

It also included a downloadable wellness pack and two Zoom clinics with Jo during the month!

Like what you see? Come and join us!

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Our members are amazing.

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Free 30 mins arms bottom and centre pilates workout

We hope you’ve got into the swing of things after session #1?

I’s time to try this ABC workout. In this class Jo focuses on the arms, bottom and centre. Get ready to really feel these areas working in this class. She has a number of ‘ABC’ workouts inside the members’ club.

Workout type: Full body workout

Suitable for: All abilities

Duration: 32’38”

If you were looking for more of Jo’s workouts – she has a members’ club …

We started the Club back in 2019 and have been completely amazed at the feedback and response to what we’ve been doing.  Producer Mark was one of her clients and wanted to share Jo’s teaching with the world, as he loved her approach so much – she almost helped him to get a sixpack too. Nearly.

So they forged a partnership – you will occasionally hear him laughing in the sessions, when Jo has a bit of fun – which is fairly often.

We firmly believe that exercise should be enjoyable – it shouldn’t be a chore – and there’s no reason you can’t exercise with a smile on your face.   

So – if you’re looking for yoga, pilates and general fitness, whilst smiling – our club might be for you. 

From just £10.83/month (cheaper than a single Zoom class normally) – we deliver a LOT!

  • New 30 min on-demand workouts are released twice each week.
  • They all go into our back catalogue to access any time.
  • We’ve 250+ videos available across 20+categories.
  • Stretch … cardio – we’ve got it all and everything in between.
  • We also release regular monthly guided programmes.
  • Have you heard of “Tone with Tuffrey”? Well, it’s Jo’s 30 day programme which is much loved – that’s available to you as part of your membership too.
  • Looking for Zoom clinics for your questions – yep – we do that too!

“I’ve been a member now for about 8 weeks, I’ve never really enjoyed any forms of exercise but I’m really enjoying your classes. – I think I’m getting addicted!

I try to do at least 3 hours a week. You really make the classes fun & enjoyable & I’ve recommended you to all my friends.”

– Kathy

There’s so much inside.
Here’s a quick look at one of our most popular sections – the 10 minute blast area …



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Jo likes to use a theme for her workouts. She like to keep things fun and interesting. In this class, you’ll get to participate in a pilates triathlon! She uses the movements of swimming, cycling and running to challenge the body in lots of different ways!

Workout type: Full body

Suitable for: Intermediate

Duration: 30’13”

Did you enjoy that?

Please do share this page with friends. All of these 30 min pilates workouts will be available forever.

Movement is so important – hence our #justmove hashtag.

As Jo always says – “Do as little or as much as you feel you can” – we think that’s great advice.

“Jo is an extraordinary person … she exudes positivity and calm, she is only ever encouraging, she is fun loving and has a wicked sense of humour;  she is someone who makes you feel good about yourself even when everything else around you might feel like its going south;  she is a breath of fresh air.

She is a total inspiration.”

– Lisa

You are so clever to keep it different and interesting every day. I  told a couple of friends to get on and join …

I just can’t sing your praises enough. After 26 years of boring classes – just going and doing (as that’s what you have to do), I’ve finally found my happy place and love doing  classes again!

– Alison

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Free online pilates class - Jo teaches balance

Session #4 is a class which focuses on balance.

Inside Jo’s members’ club – there’s a number of educational classes. This is a good example of a workout which is not only challenging, but will help you to focus on another skill – in this case, balance – something which naturally deteriorates with age, if left uncheked.

Workout type: Lower body focused balance class

Suitable for: Intermediate

Duration: 32′ 06″

Please can you share our free pilates workouts?

Amazingly, over 120,000 people across 70 countries have now participated in these free sessions. We are really humbled by that and love that we’ve been keeping so many people fit and healthy.

So many people have arrived here through recommendation. So many people join Jo’s Weekly Workout Club through recommendation. We love how word has spread about the power of Jo – and would love you to help us to keep doing it.

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … fax, letter or an actual conversation with someone – just ask them to search for “Jo Tuffrey” and the Internet will do the rest.

Thank you in advance – we’re really grateful.

You inspire me to work harder and I have seen results over the last 9 months since I have been part of your workout family.

30 minutes every day and I have lost nearly a stone and a half and feel generally fitter and stronger. I have dropped down from a size 14 to a size 10 and am so proud of it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have been essential to my physical and mental well being during this difficult time.

– Helen

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She puts out multiple posts on Facebook and Instagram each week with all kinds of tips and highlights of the weekly workouts – so if you’d like to be part of her community, click the buttons below …






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Free 30 minute circuits class

Jo loves to get creative with her choreography.

You’ll find plenty of themed workouts inside her members’ club. More on that below.

Cardio is such an important part of any exercise programme and Jo introduces a cardio class from time to time inside the Club. This workout is a circuits class. She spends the first few minutes explaining the various moves.

You can skip to 5’33 to get straight to the action!

Workout type: Full body cardio workout

Suitable for: Intermediate

Duration: 37’01”

“I now look forward to exercise.”

This is a phrase we here a lot at Tuffrey HQ. We get 100’s of emails every month saying thank you and saying how much members enjoy Jo’s workouts. They enjoy them for all kinds of reasons – but mainly for Jo’s teaching ability and her ability to choreograph engaging, interesting and varied workouts!

Jo spends most of her waking hours trying to figure out new ‘special moves’ … new moves and exercise routines which will challenge the body and “keep it guessing” – you’ll hear her say that a lot!

She does this because it keeps people engaged with fitness. It’s easy to embark on something new – join a gym or a club and then within a few weeks, the habit you were hoping to start, fails at the first hurdle.

It actually takes around 70 days to form a habit. You can speed this up by creating the right environment for yourself. This is exactly what Jo does – she makes exercise fun, engaging and different.

Interested in finding out how to stay motivated to exercise? click the link for 8 brilliant tips.

We have lots of themed workouts inside the club

If you’re like most people, motivation to exercise regularly is really hard! It’s much less hard if you look forward to exercising. Jo’s themed workouts will help you to do just that.

Take a look at the screenshot below. At the time of writing – we’ve  24 different themed workouts available at the click of a category button on the members’ index page.

Curious? Here’s some themed workout examples

  • Book worm – here Jo uses a book at part of the routine! (Yes, really)
  • YMCA – yep – you guessed it – she made up a routine on the spot, using the letters Y,M,C,A – it’s quite brilliant.
  • The 12 days of Christmas was a lot of fun (and will leave you in hysterics).
  • Mermaid uses a mermaid tail analogy and is all about ‘turn out’ – working the inner thighs
  • Flash uses a diagonal theme to work the whole body.
  • Bow and Arrow really gets the upper body working.

You get the picture!

You’re so personable and you explain things so clearly and I love that you keep changing it! I can already see the tone coming back to my body! I don’t want to stop now I’ve started again. I especially love the classes with the equipment.

Thank you so much and I look forward to your March programme and beyond! Keep doing what you’re doing!

– Clare

Looking to join up?

We’d love to have you as part of the workout ‘family’.

Our members really are amazing.

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This session focuses on the lower body – through the actions of kicking. As you’ll see – you may need a chair for balance – or a wall (or a significant other). Like so many of Jo’s workouts – expect to really feel this tomorrow!

Workout type: Lower body workout

Suitable for: All abilities

Duration: 31’49”

Like challenging the body in different ways?

So does Jo – she is now famous for her variation to keep the body guessing.

Her “Tone with Tuffrey” 30 day programme (included within the members’ club), has been incredibly popular. 1500+ people have joined us and have downloaded their wall planner and got really focused for a month. Toning and sculpting the arms and body is dear to Jo’s heart and she’ll show you how.

She’ll also help you to go at your own pace too – with plenty of moderation options during all of her workouts.

If you’re looking for a guided programme – then that’s a great place to start.

We also have a “Getting started” programme – where Jo takes you back to basics and so if you’re new to exercise and fitness – or looking to get back in – it’s the perfect place to start.

In addition – we also have monthly programmes to follow. We always release two new workouts / week. Jo then recommends an additional two workouts to go alongside over the 7 days. Couple that with Zoom clinics and a downloadable wellness pack – there’s no better way to live the month, than with a sprinkling of Jo most days!


“I just wanted to say how much I am loving the classes and the flexibility of being able to choose from so many classes. I particularly appreciate the menopause section – so helpful.

The variety of classes keeps it interesting, I love the fact I can do them at home as and when i can without feeling self conscious.”

– Carolyn x



If you’d like to get access to 250+ videos and more – it’s really easy.

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Our members are amazing.

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Free 30 minute stretch pilates class

This is our final session. What better way to finish, than with a nice stretch!
We really hope you’ve enjoyed the different aspects of Jo’s workouts. We hope to see you inside our members’ club one day soon!

Workout type: Stretch class

Suitable for: All abilities

Duration: 30′ 47″

Do you enjoy stretch classes? We’ve plenty more inside Jo’s Workout Club

The “Stretch, release & relax” category is currently our most visited section within the Club. A lot of our members like to stretch out once in a while.

To develop strength and all round fitness, it’s so important to regularly stretch the muscles. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to gain strength and tone.

The added benefits of classes like this is that it helps calm the mind. If you’re feeling anxious, turn the phone off for 30 mins and do a relaxation class.

At the time of writing this, there are 19 different stretch and relaxation classes inside the members’ area.

Here’s a sneak peek inside …

If you’ve been enjoyed these free pilates workouts, we think you might enjoy Jo’s Workout Club

If you’re like most people, we know that motivation to work out after (or before) a difficult day is really hard.

Jo’s Workout Club helps to answer this problem – as Jo provides ongoing motivation, constantly varying workouts and regular monthly programmes.

To coin a phrase, she makes exercise enjoyable again, and will absolutely leave you with a smile on your face.

Here’s what’s inside the members’ club …

  • Brand new 30 min workouts every Monday and Wednesday morning.
  • 250+ videos in the catalogue.
  • There are 20+ categories of workout to choose from – from stretch, right through to cardio and everything in between.
  • There are regular monthly programmes and wellness packs to download.
  • Oh and did we mention, Jo’s famous “Tone with Tuffrey” 30 day programme is also included for members alongside Menopause Metamorphosis too.
  • Throw in some regular Zoom clinics for members’ questions and our 10 min blast section and we think this is a great value place to be.
  • Do compare £12.99 per month for an all inclusive buffet of on-demand workouts, with the cost of a single live Zoom.

“I’m now 58 & in the best shape I’ve been in for years, mostly thanks to you! I love all the workouts & do them every day.

Thank you again for the brilliant workouts this past year.”

– Lynda

Treat yourself – and enjoy some ‘me’ time

We’re genuinely here to help.

We’ve a 7 day money back guarantee.

Also – there’s no tie ins – cancel any time, from inside your account – and you won’t be charged again. 

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