In short, anyone!

Classes are varied for all abilities. Choose what you enjoy. Jo’s personal clients are both male and female and range from school children to 80 year olds. Her online workouts reflect the ability of her personal clients.

Two new 30 min ON-DEMAND workouts are released each week on a Monday and Wednesday morning for access any time. We do take a break for Christmas!

Yes. If you’re a member, you get access to all workout videos (300+), which are also categorised into 20+ different sections, so you can choose a workout or programme, depending on how you’re feeling!

It’s simple – if you join and don’t like what you see, get in touch, and we’ll refund you in full, without question. It’s never happened to date!

When you join, you can choose from a monthly (£12.99) or annual (£129.99) plan.
We charge your credit card each month or year, unless you cancel your membership, in which case we will cancel your account and never charge your card again.

There is also a 6 week plan (£29.99), which is not a subscription. It’s bundled with a 10% discount if you choose to join a plan after the 6 weeks.

In addition to the new Weekly Workouts and all previous ones, since October 2019, you also have access to Jo’s back catalogue of programmes, including Menopause Metamophosis,  Tone with Tuffrey 2021 and the 2022 version.

There is also her A-Z Jo’s pilates moves, where she takes you through 20 common moves in great detail, so you can ensure you’re maximising your time spent exercising.

We release monthly programmes with downloadable wellness packs.

Jo also runs members only Zoom clinics from time to time.

Add in her education sessions on back pain, working at a desk, pelvic floor, strengthening hips and more – and you’ll see this is a Club packed full of value and goodness.

Watch out for the occasional live streamed sesssion too!

Jo’s workouts are constantly varied. The category list is below:

Workouts with weights
Ab focused workouts
Cardio workouts
Arms bottom and cetnre workouts
Workouts with bands
Slider workouts
Over ball workouts
Pillowcase workouts (yes, really!)
Stretch, release and relax workouts
Roller workouts
Full body workouts
Arm, neck and shoulder workouts
Legs and bottoms workouts
Themed workouts!
Jo’s educational series
Pilates hoop workouts
Jo’s back to basics program
The 10 min blast workout section (if you’re short on time).

No! Jo’s workouts can be enjoyed without any equipment at all.

We do advise buying a pilates mat however.

In addition, occasionally, Jo uses some low cost equipment, such as a band, a ball and a hoop. There are plenty of workouts without any equipment at all, if you’d rather not pay for additional equipment. If you choose to, you’ll get plenty of benefit from variation they bring.

Her kit recommendations are here.

Jo’s advice is to set aside 30 mins for yourself, ideally three times per week. If you can’t manage that – then get close. Anything is better than nothing!

Jo produces Q and A video sessions for members – addressing these sorts of questions.

Yes! For Android and iOS. You can watch workouts via this website OR the apps. You can’t sign up or manage your account via the apps however.
The apps allow you to download workouts for offline use. This can’t be done on the website’s membership area.

For more details and to download, visit

Yes! All the instructions are here:

Pilates is well documented for alleviating many types of chronic injury or ongoing condition. If you’re not sure whether the workouts are suitable for you – drop us a line and we’ll try to advise. As ever, always seek professional medical advice before embarking on a fitness program.

We certainly do! Take a look at!

We also have over 100 5-star Google Reviews! Click the button below to see them!

Absolutely. You’ll find Jo on Instagram and Facebook, where she releases short clips, motivational advice and photos regularly.

Yes – get in touch and we’ll be right back to you.

Not currently – but do drop us a line if you’re interested in promoting the Club.

If you’re using Jo’s app and there’s no volume – it’s a simple fix.

Access the volume control – and then turn it up – via the iOS control panel – it’s a different control to the physical buttons on the side.

On an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen. To close, swipe up from the bottom of the screen or tap the screen.

On an iPhone 8 or earlier, or iPod touch, swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen. To close, tap the top of the screen or press the Home button.

On an iPad, swipe down from the top-right edge; to close it, swipe up from the bottom.

Also – you’ll notice a volume slider on each video when they go full screen on the app – do make sure that’s slid correctly.

Finally – do double check you don’t have anything connected via bluetooth – we have seen that has been an issue before.

Yes! With hundreds of members – we only hear of streaming issues a handful of times each year. This is normally because of poor broadband / wifi.

We use the best streaming service money can buy – Vimeo – which automatically adjusts the quality of the stream, depending on bandwidth available.

If you are having streaming / buffering issues – do check your connection first. Can you play YouTube videos easily?

If you are definitely having issues, then we would recommend manually changing the video quality – which will solve any buffering problems.

You can do this using the controls on each video: