Rest and restore – thoughts from Jo

It’s time to rest my body and mind. I have been busy  planning something for the last couple of months (ready to reveal soon!!) 🥰

So much goes on behind the scenes in my online work. It’s quite easy to be working on it day and night, especially when I have something new on the horizon… like now. 🥰 It’s sometimes just good to just stop and take stock, then come back with fresh eyes.

It’s so important for us all to stand back and reflect on what we have done and to be proud of all the things we have accomplished, as insignificant as they may seem sometimes. As we race through our lives, it’s very easy to forget the small stuff; the stuff that, when everything else falls away, is the stuff that really matters!

In a world seemingly full of perfection, especially through the lens of social media, it’s good to remind ourselves that being ‘perfectly imperfect’ is ok. (Thank you to @thejoyjournal for your wisdom reminding me of that!)

I’m always in my happy place on the river, with the ever-changing scenery, the wildlife, the slow pace of life and the nighttime star gazing (when it’s not cloudy or raining which it usually is for us!) 🙄

I just love pootling along, not knowing where we will moor up next, but knowing that when we do, the barbecue will be lit, the glass of wine will be poured and everything will be ok! 🥰

So, In the immortal words of one of my idols…

“Don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”
Dolly Parton

Here’s to making the most of the summer.