My appearance in the Times – talking about IVF

Jennifer Aniston and I have a lot in common!! ❤️

I have never really opened up before about my journey through IVF and how I felt going through it, so when I was approached by the @thetimes I was nervous.

But when asked so sensitively about this topic and with the subsequent passing of time, it made me think it was ok to say out loud … “Not being able to have children!” and to discuss what I went through – both funny and sad! and if can help just one person, then I was going to do it.

And I have. You can read the article in The Times here.

After 2 failed IVF attempts it was on the last attempt that we were told in no uncertain terms that I would not be able to have children as I was in the menopause.

To be told I wasn’t going to have children was a shock but to hear that I was menopausal was another … a double whammy – I was only 32!

I was told to go away and grieve for the children I would never have AND at the same time try to navigate my way through menopause! This was very much alone, as there wasn’t the exposure it has now.

At that point, my world fell apart!  As I said to lovely Anna the journalist from the Times

“It’s just Shit!”

I was mourning the mother I would never become but also trying to accept the changes in my body (and mind). I felt far too young and alone in this situation.  I wasn’t in the ‘baby club’ and deemed too young to be in the ‘menopausal club’.

I have so much more to say and I will over time but for now …

The reason I wanted to post this additional text to the article published today is for anyone having gone through it, or is currently going through it, I empathise and I understand.

You WILL laugh again, and you WILL find happiness and strengths you never knew you had!

In my life I always try to make people smile, as I think when you have been through ‘stuff’ you have a new found empathy and can certainly look at life differently and live it!

My husband, family, friends, clients and obviously my Online Workout Family are now those I nurture.

Life throws you curveballs and the path you envisioned might not have come to fruition, but that doesn’t mean it will be less happy – it’s just different.

Grief walks alongside me every day, thankfully now silent. Sometimes it will get in my way and trip me up – but I always get back up and carry on!

So, it’s ALWAYS important to remember, NEVER EVER judge anyone, as you never know their story behind the smiles!

Jennifer Anniston I hear you ❤️

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Jo ❤️