Free pilates workout #7 – Elongate

This is our final session. What better way to finish, than with a nice stretch!
We really hope you’ve enjoyed the different aspects of Jo’s workouts. We hope to see you inside our members’ club one day soon!

Workout type: Stretch class

Suitable for: All abilities

Duration: 30′ 47″

Do you enjoy stretch classes? We’ve plenty more inside Jo’s Workout Club

The “Stretch, release & relax” category is currently our most visited section within the Club. A lot of our members like to stretch out once in a while.

To develop strength and all round fitness, it’s so important to regularly stretch the muscles. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to gain strength and tone.

The added benefits of classes like this is that it helps calm the mind. If you’re feeling anxious, turn the phone off for 30 mins and do a relaxation class.

At the time of writing this, there are 19 different stretch and relaxation classes inside the members’ area.

Here’s a sneak peek inside …

If you’ve been enjoyed these free pilates workouts, we think you might enjoy Jo’s Workout Club

If you’re like most people, we know that motivation to work out after (or before) a difficult day is really hard.

Jo’s Workout Club helps to answer this problem – as Jo provides ongoing motivation, constantly varying workouts and regular monthly programmes.

To coin a phrase, she makes exercise enjoyable again, and will absolutely leave you with a smile on your face.

Here’s what’s inside the members’ club …

  • Brand new 30 min workouts every Monday and Wednesday morning.
  • 250+ videos in the catalogue.
  • There are 20+ categories of workout to choose from – from stretch, right through to cardio and everything in between.
  • There are regular monthly programmes and wellness packs to download.
  • Oh and did we mention, Jo’s famous “Tone with Tuffrey” 30 day programme is also included for members alongside Menopause Metamorphosis too.
  • Throw in some regular Zoom clinics for members’ questions and our 10 min blast section and we think this is a great value place to be.
  • Do compare £12.99 per month for an all inclusive buffet of on-demand workouts, with the cost of a single live Zoom.

“I’m now 58 & in the best shape I’ve been in for years, mostly thanks to you! I love all the workouts & do them every day.

Thank you again for the brilliant workouts this past year.”

– Lynda

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