The benefits of a strong core

There are so many benefits of a strong core – yet so often people focus on the wrong things! I get asked all the time about abdominals, how to get a flat tummy or how to get a six pack 😳

Firstly it is important to know that EVERYONE has abs. If you didn’t – we would collapse …!

For the majority of us (including me) they don’t make themselves known to the world, as we have a layer of fat covering them.

In order to see the ‘six pack,’ we have to achieve a low body fat percentage.

This is a screenshot taken from one of Jo’s workout classes – Triathlon

Some people are lucky and their six pack can naturally be seen, as they have a genetically lower body fat percentage in that area.

We need to be aware that we all have a genetic predisposition to lay down fat in different parts of our bodies. Trying to “spot reduce” a particular area does not work!

What is ‘spot reduction’?

Spot reduction is an outdated concept. There was a theory that if you focused exercise on specific parts of the body – fat will reduce in those areas.

As an example – it was thought that if you do a programme of continuous ab exercises – you’ll eventually get flat abs. There is simply no evidence to support this as being true.

There are lots of good reasons for having a strong core

I’m vehement in my answer that you should focus on working your core to make everyday life easier.

It will help to support your spine and to aid good posture. This is far more important than trying to achieve ‘Social media perfection’ and showing off a perfect tummy and set of abs!

I always say it – but yet again – it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters!!

This is a screenshot taken from one of Jo’s workout classes – Butterfly Stretch

We are constantly bombarded with people showing their abs, but for the majority of us this is unrealistic.

Having a six pack to show off would mean restricting our diet SO much in order to achieve a very dangerous body fat ratio. Personally, this is something I don’t want to do.

Instead, for me it’s about being consistent, healthy and balanced!

It’s not about aesthetics

Having a strong core does not equate to having a visible six pack.

I have a strong core, but I have never and will never have a visible six pack – yet still, people assume having a six pack equates to having a strong centre.

I wanted to write this article to help you to be realistic in your expectations and to never expect quick fixes.

Be realistic with your goals … be consistent … be healthy…. and beyond all else – enjoy life!

Much love,