Welcome to my brand new wellness & lifestyle magazine

Wellness & lifestyle

Thank you for visiting my new Wellness and Lifestyle Magazine. I hope it will be a wonderful addition to the Weekly Workout Club.

As I approach my 50th birthday (where has that time gone?!) I wanted to expand what we offer to the weekly workout family and introduce things that have always been important to me in my life – both for my physical and mental wellbeing.

If you’re a member of the weekly workout family – you’ll know just how much I enjoy my food, wine and life in general and I get dozens and dozens of emails each week asking me for advice on food, outfits, wellness and much much more.  So I thought it was time to create a platform to share some of these answers proactively!

As you all know, life is certainly not always a bed of roses and we can all struggle and have our own battles in life.  Just because someone looks or says they are fine doesn’t always mean they are!

Exercise has always been my saviour through these times but importantly so has enjoying good food, allowing myself to chill with wine, by running a bath, lighting a candle, meditation or reading or in fact, sometimes all 5 at the same time!

Over the coming months and years, expect regular articles on the areas of wellness and lifestyle  …

You’ll be able to watch and read interviews with people I truly rate across the wellness industry and people I really believe in.

We will feature some of our amazing workout club family members.

There will be book recommendations, recipes, meditations, sleep advice and much more.

I will always showcase the people and things I believe in and will always have you The ‘Weekly Workout Family’ member (and those considering joining) in my mind.  I want to share with you what makes me happy and as I always say, at the very least, try to put a smile on your face.

Let’s not forget about pilates!

Pilates is my first love.

I’ll also be showcasing some short exercise videos over the coming months to explain the why and the how of pilates too. These will be great for workout family members, as well as those of you perhaps enjoying my free pilates workouts right now.

I’m so excited about what’s going to be featured this year. Everything I do will have you, the reader in mind.

Stay uptodate

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Please do tell your friends – and let’s have some fun and put a smile on each other’s faces!