Exercises for the core

In today’s BRAND NEW half hour class released today onto my website (to do at your leisure) I focus on the abdominals.

(You do need to be a member to watch this class of course – and you can join here: jotuffrey.com)

I hope you have enjoyed it or enjoy it when you do it.. I love filming outside especially with all the wildlife that comes and says hello 🦢🦢🦜🦜🐝🐝🦋🦋🦆🦆

If you’re not already a member, I wanted to show you a few core exercises to challenge your abs that you could pop into a little circuit.

Try 30 seconds of each and 3 rounds ❤️

💥Half roll backs with an oblique twist

Half roll back with an oblique twist

💥Basic curl up

Basic curl up
💥Oblique cross cross

Oblique cross cross
💥Half roll back with double open toe tap

Half roll back with double open toe tap
💥Hip dips

Hip dips
💥My jujji

The Jo Tuffrey Jujii
💥Kneeling lateral flexion.

Kneeling lateral flexion

And remember…

A strong centre is so important as it can
💥stabilise your lower back
💥improve balance
💥improve co ordination
💥improves posture
💥enhance everyday activities

You can watch the whole circuit and on my Instagram channel here:


Enjoy ❤️