“Fall asleep fast” – a guided meditation with Amanda


It’s time to bring you our regular meditation, courtesy of Amanda Penalver.

Amanda is a meditation expert and founder of True Rest®. Her work is devoted to challenging, inspiring & motivating her clients to live a more growth-full, rich & deeply fulfilling life.

Amanda offers True Rest classes & guided meditations to uplift, restore, replenish & re-energise you to live on purpose, fully awake, fully embodied & deeply connected.


“Fall asleep fast” –  meditation

Take a deep dive into the medicine of inner peace within yourself.

Description: Fall asleep quickly. This meditation is here for you, to support and guide you into a deep and peaceful sleep fast. This Yoga Nidra-style meditation will soothe your body, calm your mind and nourish your soul.

Find out more about Amanda’s brilliant work at mandypenalver.com