“A positive Menopause” – a guided meditation with Amanda


It’s time to bring you our regular meditation, courtesy of Amanda Penalver.

Amanda is a meditation expert and founder of True Rest®. Her work is devoted to challenging, inspiring & motivating her clients to live a more growth-full, rich & deeply fulfilling life.

Amanda offers True Rest classes & guided meditations to uplift, restore, replenish & re-energise you to live on purpose, fully awake, fully embodied & deeply connected.


“A positive menopause” – members only meditation

Today’s meditation is exclusively for our members and forms part of our Menopause Metamophosis programme. If you’re not already a member – you can find out more about this unique programme by clicking that link.

If you’re already a member – make sure you log in above and the meditation will appear for you below. Find yourself somewhere quiet for 20 minutes and click play to indulge yourself.

We often focus on all the difficulties and negative things about our menopause, so in this uplifting meditation we reflecti on the many positive aspects of the menopause journey.

Find out more about Amanda’s brilliant work at mandypenalver.com

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