My thoughts on consistency & fitness

Consistency is the Key…🥰

Every month I’m so proud of what my workout family achieves 💪🏻🙌💥🥵🥰

This month many have completed or about to complete the January Programme, and although I’m super proud of the achievements made and the stories I hear of the physical and mental changes this has had on people….. I’m super proud of the consistency of effort as I don’t just set a programme for January…

I set a programme every month of the year as I appreciate we all work at different times and at different rates so I just don’t like the pressure of the ‘New Year new you’ mentality.🙄

We all have our ‘down days’ and our difficult days when frankly even getting to the end of the day in one piece is an achievement so getting the bombardment and guilt of not achieving an exercise class/programme is the least of our worries!🥹

So to those that have completed January.. Well done and to those that have exercised at a slower pace this month, well done!

I will always have your back ( a-nice toned one at that) as there are still 2 new classes released every week and 11 months of carefully choreographed programmes to come!

Hence why I have called February’s Body sculpting programme that starts Monday ‘Forgiving February’ 🥰. because ….

“You Yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

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Jo ❤️