Setbacks can make you stronger – thoughts from Jo

I was chatting in class the other day and a few people were shocked as to what I told them as I had never before mentioned what I am going to say now…

So – why am I telling you this?

When I was 12 I had to regularly go to Great Ormond Street Hospital due to a disease called Scheuermann’s disease that affects the vertebrae of the spine . They were going to operate but it was more exploratory to see what could be done or I had to wear a back brace for months..

Why am I telling you this??

I did the exercises to combat the pain and many a school break time was spent hanging from the gym wall bars to try to stretch my spine …

Why am I telling you this?

I knew I wanted to be a PE teacher from an early age but a doctor told me in no uncertain terms he had grave concerns about me pursuing my dream of teaching because of my back and to think of something else!!!

SO …I’m telling you this because..

It’s easy to take the path of least resistance… It would have been easy for me not to pursue my dream of teaching … It didn’t put me off. Quite the opposite in fact. It spurred me on towards that dream and I did become that PE & Fitness teacher 30 years ago.

Setbacks CAN make you stronger 🤛🏼👊💥

The 2 big setbacks I have had in my life have definitely made me a more empathetic and understanding teacher with a sense of humour!!! .. Thank goodness for the humour!!!
When I teach I always try to teach in a way that resonates with everyone and for everyone’s abilities, but more than anything teach in a way that makes people enjoy what they are doing so that they want to come back for more…

“Every setback brings a comeback!”🤛🏼💥

So I just wanted to say…

Life is not perfect and nor are we … but “our perfect” is unique to us and that should be celebrated.

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Jo ❤️