Small business spotlight – Story in Bray


Every now and then I aim to showcase a business I really love and believe in – it’s great to champion the smaller business.

Many workout family members have asked about the various outfits that I wear that they’ve spotted on Instagram and so I thought I would launch this showcase section by introducing a fabulous lady called Lindy and her business.

Over the years I have bought many things from Lindy… most of my jewellery in fact and my various “floaty” dresses.

I shall leave the rest to Lindy…



Hi, I am Lindy Harpham, owner of online retail store, Story in Bray in Berkshire, UK.

Jo has been a friend, ambassador and super-loyal customer of mine for years … everything looks fabulous on her so I was so thrilled when she was willing to include Story in Bray here in her lifestyle section.

I had an actual bricks and mortar shop in Bray Village for around 13 years where I sold gorgeous clothing, jewellery and interior pieces.  On this journey, I was lucky enough to meet loads of fantastic people and acquired a very loyal following who have remained with me to this day.

As the interior service side of the business grew, I decided to close my beloved shop in Bray and run the creative side of my business from my ‘den’ at home.

I have a huge love of clothing, jewellery and interiors and so continue to combine all three into a great little business.

One of our selling points is that we don’t stock a lot of anything and we tend to avoid big labels and instead, work hard to source unusual stock for our customers – generally timeless pieces that work together season after season.  We also stock super gifts too!

Have a peek at

We generally use Instagram to announce new clothing. Do follow us if you like what you see!

Finally – you can see Jo in some of our clothing in the photos below …