Wrist pain exercises – a guide from Jo

Do you suffer with wrist pain??😫

Then you will definitely want to try these alternative positions and wrist pain exercises to hopefully alleviate the symptoms πŸ₯°

1) Alternative Pilates positions

The wrists are made up of 8 small bones and 2 long bones and the wrist itself consists of several ligaments and tendons that help to provide strength and flexibility to the hand.

Sometimes the wrists are weak or sore in some positions whilst exercising. 😩

So here are 6 alternatives you can try.

πŸ€— Roll your mat up at the end, put your heels of the hand on the rolled up section. This takes some of the weight out of the wrist by decreasing the angle of the wrist.
πŸ€— Roll up a towel and once again put the heels of the hand on the towel to decrease the harsh angle of the wrist.
πŸ€— Use weights where you can hold the weight with the knuckles facing downward and the wrist directly above the knuckles, this keeps the wrist nice and straight.
πŸ€— Do the same as above but just on the knuckles.
πŸ€— If the exercise allows come down onto the forearms with the arms either in prayer or sphinx position.
πŸ€— Get some yoga blocks to put under the heel of the hands.

You can watch my video explanation below too …

2) Stretch the wrists

1.πŸ‘‹ Flexing the wrist and Hold for 10 secs 3x
2.πŸ‘‹ Extending the wrist and Hold for 10 secs 3x

You can watch these exercises below …

3) Mobilise the wrists

1.πŸ‘‹ Flexion & Extension of the wrist..10 reps
2.πŸ‘‹ Radial & Ulna deviation of the wrist…10 reps
3.πŸ‘‹ Supination and Pronation of the wrist…10 reps

You can also watch these exercises below …

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Jo ❀️