September member spotlight: Edgar Wallner


Each month, we feature one of our amazing Weekly Workout Club members here in our smaall bu perfectly formed wellness and lifestyle area.

If you’re a member, you’ll know that its really important to Jo that we are all in this together and supporting one another on our fitness journeys.  This is the reason why Jo always refers to the club as the ‘Weekly Workout Family’

We thought it was time for members to get to know each other a little more and to share some stories and experiences.


Our September spotlight features Edgar Wallner, one of Jo’s longest standing clients, Judith (Edgar’s wife is Jo’s longest standing client). Jo has been training Judith for nearly 20 yeas and Edgar for 15 years.

“I can honestly say I never tire of training them, as their enthusiasm each week to training is unyielding.” – Jo

Jo goes onto say:

“I always look forward to our sessions not least to exercise with them but also to learn from them.

I always leave the sessions with a smile on my face from regaled stories of old and always a nugget of wisdom.

They definitely are testament that we should always keep moving!

During lockdown I obviously could not Personal train them so they both joined the weekly workout family… ”

Tell us about yourself

My name is Edgar – I graduated in 1958 and am now 84.

I took a small Italian medical device company public in the USA in 1992 and when I retired in 2004, I set up a theatre production company which transferred plays from the National and other subsidised companies, giving them back a large part of any profit but taking any losses ourselves.

Among our successful transfers to the West End and Broadway were The History Boys, War Horse and One Man Two Guvnors for which James Corden won a Best Actor Tony Award.

Why do you exercise?

Essentially to keep me alive and kicking!

But also, for flexibility, so that I can do the contortions to get out of my car in a tight parking situation, for keeping up muscular tone so that I can still lift the shopping and for balance which always deteriorates with age.

Why do you enjoy The Weekly Workout Club?

I really appreciate Jo’s imaginative choreography which means that the varied exercise is never boring, unlike the treadmill.

It feels like you are a member of a family and Jo’s constant humorous chatter keeps you involved. I especially like her physiological explanations of what the exercise is doing.

My favourite exercises are weight exercises lying down.

My top 3 favourite workout classes so far are listed below:

Weight it up.
Arms, bottoms and centre.

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What are some of your favourite things?

My favourite food is Herbed Spatchcock from Rooks, the great family butchers in Holyport, Berkshire.

My favourite drink is a Campari, soda, fresh orange juice, angostura bitters, so that it is the colour of lobsters.
My favourite book is Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

And my favourite film is Fahrenheit 451, the 1966 version starring Julie Christie and Oskar Werner, directed by François Truffaut. (Not the cr**py American remake of 2018!)


Thank you so much to Edgar for his wonderful spotlight article. We’ll feature another member next month and if you’d like to be featured – drop us a line!