Small business spotlight – Cape Cove


I always love to champion businesses that I love and I love fashion!

In the past within this wellness/ lifestyle section I have highlighted brands/people who I always go to for my fashion buys This month is no exception as I highlight the brand that is …. Cape Cove.


Founded on a combined love of the water and a connected purpose for doing better, Cape Cove, a feel good brand offers relaxed, throw-on-style clothing that is focused on sustainable methods.

The brand’s purpose is underpinned by ethical practices and three commitments that aspire to drive real positive change; caring for the earth, supporting community and raising awareness of mental health.

Created by three fashion and beauty industry experts who began their buying careers in the noughties. Clare Surplice, Suzannah Hatch and Jo Bennett have a combined 30 years of experience; their lives and families intertwining as their careers progressed.

Through a shared joy of the water, love for art and an aspiration to make a true difference in the world; Cape Cove was born.

What makes Cape Cove unique is its use of print, colour and textiles.

All embroideries are hand drawn and prints sourced by Clare, who alongside her buying experience has a background in art and textiles, she finds her inspiration from the natural world and a connection to people.

Further designs, colour ways, prints, and waterproof fabrics will be added throughout the year in line with the customer demand, all part of the thoughtful and seasonless design ethos that Cape Cove embodies.

We adore Jos commitment to community and her passion for movement and great energy.  Having known Jo for more than a decade her passion& dedication for balance in life is amazing – particularly her love of water & wine 😂

Cape Cove is available direct to consumers via and John Lewis.

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