6 benefits of pilates – why not try a free class today?


The benefits of Pilates are numerous!

I’m often asked the question – “Why is Pilates so good for you?” and so I’ve put this article and video together for you to explain just 6 benefits of Pilates. There are many more – but these are the ones I hear about most often from clients and my weekly workout family. They are also the benefits I believe in the most.

Pilates is so good for you in so many different ways and if you’re intrigued to find out more – click play on the video below or read about the benefits of Pilates in the synopsis below.

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Ready to see those benefits? – click play below or read on …

Benefit  #1 – Weight loss

Pilates is brilliant for aiding your weight loss journey – but we have to look at a good diet as well.

Why will Pilates aid weight loss?

Because we’re working with our own bodyweight … we are working with our muscles. Muscle burns fat and the greater the muscular frame we have, the more metabolically active we are and so the more calories we burn.

If you have a higher muscle to fat ratio, compared to a higher fat to muscle ratio, then you will burn more calories per hour – just by being sat down!

So one of the key benefits of Pilates is to aid your weight loss, as long as you couple your practice with a beautifully balanced diet. It’s a brilliant win-win situation.

A picture showing the one of the many benefits of pilates

Benefit #2 – Body tone

Pilates is fantastic for toning and sculpting the entire body.

The important thing is is to choose the right programme – a programme which works on all parts of the body and as I like to say, ‘keeps the body guessing.’ Working solely on one part of the body each day OR doing the same exercises each week won’t give you the body tone you’re looking for.

My Tone with Tuffrey Pilates programme is just perfect for toning and sculpting.

I use small equipment too, such as weights, a band, a roller or even sliders – there are so many different pieces of equipment to help challenge the body.

Pilates is brilliant for body tone.

Benefit #3 – Posture

Another benefit of Pilates is that it really helps your posture.

First of all, it makes you aware of your posture.  Because we are ‘forward moving’ creatures … we are at our desks more … we are reading more and often we’re anxious more, Pilates is so important for opening up our front line and strengthening our back line, which in turn enhances our posture.

The second thing it does is to prevent injury through creating the right posture. This is one of the best benefits of Pilates there could be! The more that we’re stuck in bad posture, the more likely it is we can get injured, through the smallest of movements.

So, it’s really important to think of really opening ourselves up. The more we open up – the more we can work from our centre – then the more we will work our back muscles and release through the chest – helping to improve our posture on a daily basis.

A photo showing a pilates class to improve posture through stretching

Benefit #4 – Balance

As we get older, our balance becomes compromised. It’s a natural part of the ageing process.

Another brilliant benefit of regular Pilates practice is to help us to improve our balance.

We can achieve this by working all the muscles that help with balance. As an example – we often work with the feet. I know it sounds strange to hear this – but it’s true – and it’s why I like to work with both the ankles and feet regularly. Working the glutes and centre as part of the body’s kinetic chain can also help with our balance too …

So just a simple exercise, such as standing on one leg and thinking about the pelvis being level, whilst engaging into the glutes, can be a really good exercise to do regularly.  If we have weak glutes, we take the tension into our lower back.

To reiterate, balance is extremely important as we get older. Pilates can really help to ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate as quickly as it would do, as part of the ageing process.

Improving balance is another benefit of pilates. This image shows Jo Tuffrey instructing a class.

Benefit #5 – Core stability

You will always hear that Pilates is fantastic for bad backs. It’s often the reason that people turn to Pilates in the first place – through a recommendation from their physio. Pilates works all the core muscles to stabilise and strengthen our centres from the inside out.

Why is Pilates so good for bad backs?

Because a healthy back relies on core stability and strength and Pilates is all about working from your centre, with other parts of the body released and relaxed. Regular Pilates practice creates a beautifully strong, yet flexible centre.

The key however is balance (if you excuse the pun).

You should aim to achieve the right equilibrium, between strength, stamina and suppleness.

It’s important to not be totally core strong, with no flexibility. Your body needs a balance of all of the three elements I list above.

Any Pilates programme you choose needs to help you to achieve that balance. Any instructor should be mindful of that when devising a program. I certainly am!

When you have a strong centre and core stability – imagine it to be like the scaffolding around a building – it appears that it is propping the building up. It also makes the spine beautifully aligned so the body can move in the way that it was designed to.

This is why Pilates is of huge benefit when it comes to alleviating the pain of a bad back.

Benefit #6 – Mindset

Physical exercise plays such an important part of improving our mindset.

With more energetic classes, endorphins, (the happy hormone that makes us feel good) flood the body. For more relaxing classes, where we want to chill out and stretch our bodies, then we can take ourselves off into a different place, which is also amazing for our mental health. Relaxation is such an important component of a balanced life.

Breathing is a really important part of any Pilates workout and by focusing on your breath – it helps to keep your body released and gives you that complete relaxation and mind space.

It’s always good to to forget everything else for a moment once in a while and just be at one just with yourself. Pilates can help you to do this.

I have many stretch and relaxation classes in my Workout Club – and you can try a free pilates relaxation class right here. Why not drop me a line and let me know what you think!

In summary – 6 benefits of pilates

Hopefully you can now see there are so many benefits to a regular Pilates practise. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying a free Pilates workout. Click the link – and get started today – maybe you’re about to start a new habit today? I do hope so.